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COVID: What are we doing to enhance your safety?

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October 7, 2021

At Live Healthy Imaging, we make the safety of our patients, staff, and community a top priority. Unlike a hospital setting where patients may have to spend several hours to get a diagnostic imaging test done, in an outpatient imaging center a typical patient will spend about an hour or so in an outpatient imaging center with much of that time spent in the scanner room.  As many patients  spend time in the scanner room, it is necessary to have a rigorous approach to ensuring patient safety.

We have adopted state-of-the art technologies to minimize touch surfaces by installing automatic door openers, motion activated water faucets, infra-red based temperature measurements etc, remove pathogens from air in the scanner environment by installing UVC light, and Bipolar ionizers in our air-ducts, and our policies are informed by the latest CDC guidelines to limit the exposure of COVID-19 to our patients, and our staff.

  • Touchless doors, touchless water faucets
  • Sanitizing stations throughout the facility
  • UVC oven to sterilize hand-held equipment
  • Alcohol based sterilization protocol between patients
  • All Live Healthy Imaging personnel fully vaccinated
  • COVID screening protocol for all patients – masking and social distancing

Studies have shown that germicidal UVC lamps installed in the air ducts can effectively kill pathogens including COVID.  A redundant air-filtration system – bipolar needle point ionizer – in the HVAC system that supplies air to the scanner rooms, dramatically increases the margin of the safety for patients imaged at Live Healthy Imaging.  Furthermore, from touchless doors, water-faucets, UVC ovens for sterilizing devices, and extensive screening protocols, we prioritize the safety of our patients and staff.