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My doctor’s office referred me to a different radiology facility. Do I have to go where they placed the order?
No. Your referral is for an imaging study, not an imaging provider. All patients have the right to shop for where they would like to receive radiology services. You can have peace of mind in knowing your results are accurate by choosing a radiology facility that offers high-quality imaging.
Do I need a doctor’s referral to schedule an appointment?
Yes, we require a referral from your doctor for all imaging studies. Your doctor can submit a referral to our office, or you may bring your referral with you to your appointment. If you would like us to get a referral on your behalf, simply provide us with your doctor's information and we will contact them directly.
Do you accept cash payment?
I don’t have health insurance. May I receive a price quote of my imaging services?
We pride ourselves in offering high-quality imaging at costs lower than other radiology facilities. Our transparent pricing structure guarantees that the total cost of your imaging study does not exceed quoted amounts. Please call our office at 832-344-3512 to receive a price quote on imaging services.There are options if you do not have health insurance or are unable to pay the cash prices. Please call our office for additional information.
Do you have free parking?
Yes. Parking at Live Healthy Imaging is always free and convenient!
How soon can I schedule an appointment with Live Healthy Imaging?
In many cases, Live Healthy Imaging can schedule you for a same-day appointment. We work with you to identify an appointment time that works best for you.
What information should I bring with me to my appointment?
Please bring your health insurances card with your complete information, including ID number and group number. Additionally, registration will be easier and faster if you complete the new patient forms prior to your appointment.
How should I prepare for my appointment?
Depending on the type of test that you undergo, specific instructions will be provided to you at the time of scheduling.
How can I get the results from my medical imaging examination?
If you are undergoing cardiac imaging test, you will have the opportunity to speak with our on-site physician immediately after the examination. He will answer any questions as that you may have as well as discuss initial findings with you, and he will send the results to your physician within 24 hours. For non-cardiac examinations, your test results will be directly communicated to your referring physician. Furthermore, you can also request a copy of your imaging results.
How can I contact Live Healthy Imaging if I have other questions or concerns?
We are here to help you every step of the way. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office anytime M-F 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM at 832-344-3512.If you prefer, you can also send us a message by completing this form. We respond to all inquiries within 1 business day.