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Dr. Helen Shih


Dr. Shih obtained her PhD from the prestigious Mayo Graduate School with a specialization in radiation therapy. Following her residency training at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Shih joined the renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center as one of the first women physicists on staff.

Since graduating, Dr. Shih has gained over two decades of experience in the field of radiation therapy. She has remained a leading expert in holistic health since 2012 and utilizes her years of experience and insight in holistic health to render advanced imaging methods not as merely tools to diagnose disease, but as essential tools to define health and prevent sickness. Dr. Shih is a pioneer scientist who developed approaches to measure wellness using whole-body infrared imaging. Since then, she has trained and worked with many leading scientists and physicians who are trailblazers of their respective fields.

She is currently the Director of Wellness at Live Healthy Imaging, and has served at many appointments, with notable positions such as an Associate Professor at UT MD Anderson and the Director of TTM Wellness Center and is the Founder of Flow-of-Light Natural Health in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Shih has published extensively in leading scientific journals on the topic of radiation therapy and has been board certified by the American Board of Radiology since 1999.

Outside of work, Dr. Shih is an active community leader who advocates for holistic, sustainable living and environmental protection.