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Mr. Claudio Arena


As the chief imaging specialist at Live Healthy Imaging, Mr. Claudio Arena brings a wealth of experience as a radiographer for over four decades. He is passionate about obtaining high quality images on every patient that he images. He has developed several novel methods to expedite image acquisition and effectively use advances in medical imaging to improve patient care. Mr. Arena has won numerous awards at the prestigious annual meeting of the Society of Magnetic Resonance Technologist (SMRT) for his innovative approach and techniques. He is passionate about teaching and mentoring young radiographers on the art and science of radiography.

Mr. Arena is a renaissance man with varied interests from making a good espresso (and teaching others how to enjoy a good espresso), to cooking and enjoying fine Italian cuisine. He loves playing chess as well as tinkering with his motorcycle and his car. He lives in Sugarland, Texas and comes to work when he feels like it.